Private house Messaria, Syros

Summer Residence
Volakas, Syros

Elia Beach Hotel
Elia, Mykonos

Super Paradise Suites

6 Summer Residences
Magganari, Ios


Private house
Messaria, Syros
2005 & 2014
Photo by Giorgos Alifragis

This ground floor residence was constructed in two phases. The original plan included the main building with two bedrooms, bathroom, visitors’ WC and the joint living room, dining room and kitchen in an “H” layout, which creates a sheltered courtyard at the southern part of the building. The main volume, which connects the private spaces with the shared spaces, is made out of stone; the L shaped wall, where the independent storage space nestles at a short distance from the residence, is also made of stone. The increased need for space led to the addition of a rectangular stone volume, with three bedrooms and a bathroom. The extension was connected with the initial building through a narrow volume, which functions as a passage towards the new bedrooms and the underground spaces (storage room and playroom). The main characteristics of the composition are the stone volumes and the stone wall of the parking area, which not only protects the house from the northern winds but also offers privacy to the southern landscaped courtyards, shaded by a tensile membrane.

Summer Residence
Volakas, Syros
Photo by Alexandros Petrakis

The residence’s relation with the ground, along with the land’s climatic conditions, the orientation with the optimal view and the owners’ needs, have been basic parameters for the design process. The solution to these demands was a tiered dwelling with central element – the core of the composition - the water of the swimming pool, around which all the activity takes place. The open air "internal” swimming pool in the heart of the residence guards the privacy of its users, while also being shielded from the powerful northern winds. Furthermore, it is a point of interest and a source of light for the lower level of the building through three large underwater windows. The terrace of the lower floor is used by the spaces of the upper level as an area of relaxation and movement around the pool.


Elia Beach Hotel
Elia, Mykonos
Photo by Alexandros Petrakis

The project concerns the design of the reception of Elia Beach Hotel, the redesigning of the existing ground floor into six junior suites, as well as the landscape and redesigning of the outdoor space, which is in direct contact with the sandy beach. The aim was to provide as many rooms with a sea view and direct access to the beach as possible. The creation of user-friendly outdoor sitting areas, which offer not only privacy but also a breath-taking sea view, was considered essential for the successful operation of the hotel.

Super Paradise Suites
Super Paradise, Mykonos
Photo by George Sfakianakis

The study concerns the design of 11 luxury suites in an existing building, in addition to the reception area, the preparation area and the breakfast room. The goal was to gain direct access and visual contact with the sea from as many suites as possible, together with friendly open-air lounges offering privacy combined with sea view.

6 Summer Residences
Magganari, Ios

Six summer residences were designed on a land of different neighboring plots 29 acres in total. Each residence consists of a main house, an independent guest house and a pool. The housing complex was designed in a way that makes every residence easily accessible while maintaining its privacy. All houses are oriented towards the southwest, where the climatic conditions (sunlight, protection from the wind) are optimal and one can enjoy the sea view. A basic design parameter was also the adaptation to the landscape; therefore all building volumes follow the natural slope of the hill. The alternation between natural stone and white plaster makes the architectural synthesis more interesting. The main concern was that the outdoor space be a continuum of the indoor space given that in summer houses the outdoors is of equal use and importance as indoors.

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